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Posted on: January 18, 2023
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Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

Cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes patients have used marijuana to reduce their discomfort. However, you must first be familiar with the major classifications of cannabis in order to determine the optimal strain for the greatest outcome.

The three main categories of marijuana/cannabis strains are as follows:

  • The Indica strain of cannabis - Indica
  • Sativa-leaf cannabis - Sativa
  • Crossbreeding strains – Hybrids

Indica - The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published an online poll of 95 patients, and the results suggested that cannabis indica strains had a better chance of alleviating pain. The best alternative for inducing relaxation and sleep was cannabis indica.

Sativa - Cannabis sativa strains were the most promising option for an energy and mood boost. It makes sense logically for patients to utilise indica strains to unwind and control their pain while reserving sativa strains for times when they need energy and a mood lift.

Hybrid - In order to create a unique strain of cannabis, indica and sativa seeds are combined. They combine certain sativa and indica traits in their essence.

As a result, depending on which strain is most dominant in generating the new hybrid strain, their functions frequently overlap.

It has been demonstrated that the following strains can relieve pain:

Girl Scout Cookies - This well-known strain, which is a cross between THC and CBD, features characteristic orange hairs and purple foliage. While this cannabis kind helps with nausea and promotes relaxation, it's advised to start with a low amount.

ACDC - This CBD-dominant strain is excellent for body relaxation and pain relief. This strain is ideal for anyone who wants to take medication while remaining productive because it gives a physical high rather than a mental one.

Master Kush - The term "Master Kush" was given to this well-known strain by the icy shine and strong effects of these buds. Users will benefit from greater relaxation and calming relief from this THC-dominant strain.

Harlequin - The CBD and THC content of the Harlequin strain, which combines the best of both worlds, creates a harmonious equilibrium. People who experience pain will appreciate the harmony this strain offers and find it especially helpful for daytime pain relief.

White Widow - White Widow is another well-balanced strain that can help you relax while also easing pain in your body. This strain is very useful for relieving pain and inflammation since it contains linalool.

Blackberry Kush - Because this strain has a high THC content, it will make the user feel euphoric and help them forget about their suffering. This strain provides a wonderful alleviation from any physical discomfort when combined with its fruity flavor.

With the help of these cannabis strains, you'll be able to relieve any chronic pain you may be feeling. Cannabis is one of the best natural medications that has been taken by humans over the centuries.

Here you will find what the common types of pains are and how you can get relief from them by adding the use of Cannabis in your everyday life to lead a healthy pain-free life.

Suffering from Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain is defined as an ongoing discomfort that lasts longer than three months. It's possible for this pain to be constant or intermittent. Acute pain which occurs because of an accident or injury is different from chronic pain.

A person's body may change as a result of an illness or injury, making them more sensitive to pain. Chronic pain might emerge from these long-lasting alterations. Inflammation or malfunctioning nerves can also be contributors to chronic pain. Common ailments and diseases that are connected to chronic pain include arthritis, cancer, headaches and migraines, and muscular discomfort.

What is Nociceptive Pain?

In medicine, the phrase "nociceptive pain" is used to describe discomfort brought on by actual or potential bodily harm. Examples include the discomfort associated with arthritis, dental work, or sports injuries.

The most typical sort of pain that people feel is nociceptive pain. When the nociceptive nerve fibers are activated by inflammatory substances, chemicals, or physical occurrences like stumbling over a piece of furniture, it begins to manifest. The body has specialized nerve cells known as nociceptors that are designed to detect noxious stimuli or things that could harm the body, such as chemicals, pressure, pinching, severe heat or cold, and pressure. Nociceptive pain is the outcome of these alarm signals being sent from the nerve system to the brain.

What is Neuropathic Pain?

Instead of being caused by the stimulation of pain receptors, neuropathic pain is caused by injury to or dysfunction of the peripheral or central nervous system. Dysesthesia (such as burning or tingling), pain that is out of proportion to tissue damage, and evidence of nerve injury seen during a neurologic examination all point to a certain diagnosis.

It is often brought on by a long-term, degenerative nerve condition, but it can also be caused by an injury or an infection. It's possible for persistent neuropathic pain to strike unexpectedly and for no apparent reason. Even though it's rare, acute neuropathic pain can occur.

How does Cannabis Relieves Pain?

Numerous research looking at cannabis' impact on chronic pain have been conducted recently. More research is required because some studies employed the cannabis plant's components while others used the whole plant. When the entire plant is used, there is what is known as an entourage effect, where the parts work together to have more effect. This helps researchers better understand the unique activities of each element when using sections of the cannabis plant (like CBD oil).

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