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Posted on: November 10, 2022
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Cannabis Energy Drink

With recreational marijuana legal in21 states and Washington, D.C., I was curious to see how cannabis beverages were doing in the market. Edibles seem to be approximately 15% of the overall market, and the sale of cannabis continues a rather steady growth.

Cannabis sales are predicted to top over $ 24 billion this year. Part of this revenue comes from medical marijuana and the other part from recreational marijuana sales. The cannabis beverage market is still in the very early stages, as the commercial cannabis beverage product was only introduced in recent years. Currently, only 5% of the cannabis edible market comes from cannabis beverage sales. ( Best CBD Oil )

The cannabis energy drink has become an interesting phenomenon.

What is Cannabis Energy Drink?

THC-infused beverages have been around for a few years and generated some followers. But a new kind of fast acting cannabis energy drink is starting to generate a lot of interest.

Cannabis lovers have been mixing cannabis and coffee for many years. But a commercial beverage that is readily available in a can is unique. It’s a new opportunity for cannabis lovers to combine marijuana and some caffeine in a can with no work on their part other than purchasing the beverage. Grab it and go.

So, you’re interested in weed energy drinks and their potential effects. You’ve enjoyed cannabis edibles, but traditional edibles take between 60-90 minutes before the effects are felt. There’s a NEW process in town. It’s called nano-emulsification. It’s a process that breaks down the THC into miniscule particles. This exclusive variety of THC can be infused with beverages creating a cannabis energy drink. Someone drinking this type of energy drink can start to experience the effects in as little as five minutes. This makes cannabis drinks made using this type of rapid-acting THC advantageous for social situations. The high is speedy, and the effects are easier to control without going too far.

The concept of caffeine and cannabis can sound a bit counterintuitive. However, they actually combine very well for a very desirable outcome. The stimulant properties of caffeine combine with the relaxing properties of THC. It almost sounds like the two would counteract the effects of each other – but that is not the case. The cannabis-infused energy drinks actually provide a frivolous buzz that keeps you a little more attentive than what usually happens when using THC alone. Persons who have tried a cannabis energy drink have described the high from the cannabis energy drink as a more-contained thrill. Instead of feeling tired and vague, which can be customary with THC, they felt more alert, yet still euphoric. What you effectively end up with is a tranquil, but focused high. This is the kind of effect people strive for when they are combining cannabis with their morning cup of coffee.

What does a Cannabis Energy Drink do?

Cannabis energy beverages were developed for people who want to have a clear and focused mind and live an energetic and enjoyable lifestyle. It can be consumed whenever you are in need of energy while working or driving or playing sports and leisure activities. Each can of cannabis energy drink helps to improve concentration and increase alertness. In addition, it contributes to normal mental performance and a reduction of fatigue.

Does CBD energy drink get you high?

CBD-infused energy drinks will almost certainly help you feel calm, but they will not make you feel high. CBD-infused energy drinks do not contain the psychoactive chemical THC, which is found in marijuana. THC provides you with the euphoric and high feelings that you can get when you smoke or ingest cannabis.

Depending on how much caffeine is in the energy drink, you may have some caffeine intoxication effects which include muscle spasms, disorientation, impaired judgment, nervousness and other symptoms that are usually associated with drinking too much caffeine.

Individuals are feeling more and more anxious and stressed, and both the CBD-infused energy drinks which relax you without the high, or the cannabis-infused drinks that do provide a euphoric feeling are making huge inroads into the energy drink market. If you find that you need a quick increase in energy or need to stay up late studying or performing other tasks, an alternative to common energy drinks are CBD-infused energy beverages. 


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