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Posted on: July 28, 2022
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How To Store Weed

Cannabis is costly, so you want to ensure that it stays fresh and retains its potency. The method you use to store it plays a role in maintaining its quality and effectiveness. In addition, weather, temperature, exposure to humidity, air and light all play a role in preserving the life of your weed. The best way to store weed is in an airtight glass jar in a very cool and dark place.

If you think about it, cannabis comes from a plant. You consume it at some point. There is a process that needs to take place before you can actually smoke it or ingest it. It’s grown, cultivated, harvested, dried and processed in some manner. Just like any other plant-based food (flour, bread, cereal, pasta, etc.) it needs to be stored correctly to prevent it from rotting or being infested in some manner. Incorrect storage can have a negative effect on the weed in terms of taste, effects, potency strength, etc.

WeedLifestyles users often ask how to store marijuana. Cannabis flower degrades over just a few months, so anything you can do to slow down this process will help you preserve the flavor and effectiveness. (How To Clean A Bong)

Long term Cannabis Storage

Weed can develop a roughness when you smoke it as it gets older. When it gets exposed to too much light and heat it can dry out, and in addition to altering the taste in a bad way, it can give you a headache. Over time the THC chemicals alter and instead of getting a great high, you may find yourself getting tired and sleepy.

Cannabis flower should be stored at around 70 degrees. Higher or much colder temperatures can dry out the flower and alter the chemicals in the plant. Too much humidity leaves your weed open to attracting mold and very dry conditions can make it very hard and stiff.

Cannabis flower is more difficult to store than edibles, creams and other cannabis products over a long period of time, primarily because it does not do well in the refrigerator or freezer, while other marijuana products can be stored there.

Keep Cannabis Storage

As glass is considered an excellent storage vessel over a metal container or plastic jar, you should store cannabis flower in a tightly packed air-tight glass container. Metal can alter the taste of the weed and plastic can cause it to dry out faster than it normally might in a different storage location. Some glass jars are even UV-light protected, so by using a glass jar and keeping it at a cool temperature and out of the sun, you stand to elongate the effectiveness of your cannabis flower. Joints, blunts and pre-rolls require the same storage methods or you run the danger of them drying out.

It is important to not store weed in the refrigerator, as although they are cool and dark places, you run the danger of condensation which will attract mold and the freezer will cause your weed to become brittle.

Long-term cannabis storage is very possible for edibles and other cannabis products, but flower is much more fragile.

How to Store Marijuana Infused Edibles

Weed-infused edibles have become very popular and come in many varieties. Cookies, jelly beans, capsules, gummies, infused drinks, etc. These items can actually be stored correctly and their effects remain at a high level of potency. Cannabis-infused edibles can be stored in glass jars, airtight and silicon containers, the refrigerator and even the freezer. Obviously, edibles are quite different from the storage requirements of lower. Too much light can be a problem, so maintain the quality of the edibles, do not use clear containers.

Signs that edibles have gone bad include they may turn hard and brittle, show signs of mold and mildew, and they may taste odd.

How To Store Weed Smell Proof

Some marijuana strains and flower have stronger odors than other strains. You many find that the best way to store these products is to vacuum seal them. You can actually buy vacuum-sealed cannabis bags online or at marijuana dispensaries, but you can also use food packaging machines as well.

As it turns out, vacuum sealing is also a great way to ensure that flower stays fresh for months at a time. By protecting it from the elements in a vacuum-sealed bag, you are preserving many of the properties and chemicals that would fade in a much faster manner.

Cannabis Storage

The general rule for cannabis storage is to store it in in a cool, dark, and dry place. Glass, airtight containers are best for flower. Keep flower away from light, heat, and humidity as all of these factors will degrade the quality of your marijuana. Edibles can be vacuum-sealed or simply placed in the refrigerator or freezer without compromising the quality and efficacy of the cannabis. Don't make large purchases all at once. Buying new marijuana products frequently, storing them correctly and using up your supply within a month or two is probably the best way to ensure that your cannabis stays fresh and close to the original properties that you sought when you purchased it.


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