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Posted on: February 14, 2021
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Hey, why not treat yourself (and your joints) to a fancy new rolling tray kit? No disrespect, you roll great j’s. Everyone’s talking about it, no doubt bro, no doubt. But the Stashtray Rolling Tray Kit delivers a high-end rolling experience that will take your rolling game to the next level.

This sleek and sexy kit includes everything you need for a professional joint rolling operation. We’re talking four-piece aluminum grinder, swank ashtray with a spike for cleaning cashed bowls, strain container, magnetic lighter case, and a handmade stashbox to keep it all together… almost like a luxe liquor cabinet for bud!

Stashtray weed tray joint rolling kit from Myster features a magnetic aluminum rolling surface.

The tray itself is made from sheets of stainless steel that are welded together by hand, with a very cool mirror finish around the edge.

Not only that, but the Stashtray is thoughtfully designed and expertly organized. How does it do this, you ask? Magnets!!! That’s right, all the components of the Stashtray stay attached to the surface through the magic of magnets.

So, it looks dope, comes packed with top notch gear, and tucks away into a swank magnetic stash box? Yes please.

Get one for yourself and one for a friend. It’s the Myster Stashtray High End Rolling Tray & Stashbox Kit, check it out.


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