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Posted on: December 06, 2023
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Stress Releaf Peppered Bacon Edibites

Tasteful Soft Chew Edibites from Pet Releaf can naturally calm your dog! Pet Releaf offers products made with pure organic CBD hemp oil to help your pet relax and become calmer on their own. The hemp used in Pet Releaf products is proudly farmed and made in Colorado to give you and your pet the best possible quality and reliability. To guarantee optimal freshness and flavor, each batch of Edibites is meticulously handmade. To make solutions that are both safe and effective for your pet, Pet Releaf exclusively uses pure organic CBD derived from the complete hemp plant. Edibites are an excellent all-natural substitute for relaxing your pet in a variety of stressful scenarios, including separation, crate training, traveling, fireworks, storms, hosting relatives or friends, and more! Plus, your dog will adore the flavor of the tasty peppered bacon! Without grains.

Stress Relief for Pets

Pets that are unable to cope with stress may exhibit hyperactivity, unusual urine marking, trembling, pacing, excessive scratching, panting, and destructive or aggressive behavior.ComposureTM's components encourage relaxation by enhancing their mutual effects without altering your dog's character or level of energy. Colostrum Calming ComplexTM BiopeptideBlend helps reduce stress and improves cognitive performance; L-theanine aids in the production of other amino acids that the body needs to restore equilibrium in certain neurotransmitters; and B vitamins, such as thiamine, influence the central nervous system and help soothe agitated animals. Our components have been thoroughly studied and found to naturally promote balanced conduct. They work together in our formula to support a relaxed state while avoiding sleepiness or impairing motor skills.ComposureTM is a pleasant soft chew with a chicken liver flavor that is easy to administer. It can be used daily or as needed during stressful situations. Now offered in a delicious bite-sized chew with a bacon flavor that your dog will adore.


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