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Posted on: January 09, 2024
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What is Sentesa

One of the world's most known scientists created Sentesa, a patent-pending TriActive supplement for dogs, especially for Pet Releaf. Sentesa's blend of full spectrum hemp extract, caprylic acid, and beta-caryophyllene has a synergistic impact that supports your pet's body. Dr. Joseph Rosental created Sentesa, a unique TriActive formula product for dogs. Dr. Joe has been leading development teams for some of the largest hit products in the animal health industry for the past 20 years.

SENTESA Tri-Active Capsules:

Sentesa is a patent-pending composition that a famous scientist created especially for Pet Releaf. It is a novel Tri-Active supplement for dogs. Sentesa's blend of full spectrum hemp extract, beta-caryophyllene, and caprylic acid works synergistically in your pet's body to support healthy bones, a strong immune system, and much more. Sentesa may need to be added to a person's regular health regimen in response to discomfort experienced after a strenuous walk, hike, or workout. Check with your vet if Sentesa is the proper medication for your dog. We started a multi-site, 28-day controlled, randomized field research in dogs that had been diagnosed with severe mobility problems. Sentesa's exclusive, patented blend of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Caprylic Acid, and BetaCaryophyllene works synergistically in your pet's body to promote healthy bones, bolster the immune system, and support a happy brain.


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