Reach new audiences with social marketing.

Use WeedLifestyles to build brand awareness—and your business. We make it easy to find customers on Facebook and Instagram, drive website traffic, and grow your contact list. Connect your account - Go social with your marketing and integrate your business with WeedLifestyles. Create your ad - Design an engaging and effective social marketing ad campaign—in just a few clicks. Expand your reach - Identify lookalike audiences and target new ones based on age, location, interests, and more. Get results - Drive website traffic and add new contacts automatically to your WeedLifestyles account.

How it works

  • Small business marketing made simple

    WeedLifestyles is a social network for cannabis lovers and an online marketing platform for small businesses. It's trusted by thousands of customers. Start selling more, engaging current customers, and reaching new people with our free "Claim Your Business" process and easy-to-use tools.

  • Reach your marketing goals

    Create effective ads and emails, grow your audience, and increase sales with our easy-to-use digital marketing platform. Grow your brand by connecting with people where they go every day: their inbox. Grow your email list fast, from anywhere—website, social, text, and more.

  • Grow your brand through advertising

    Use WeedLifestyles "sponsored ads" to build awareness and bring new leads to your site. Ready to put your best business forward? Start your free trial today. Whether it’s driving sales, growing a customer base or engaging an audience, we combine the right tools, advice and award-winning support that deliver results.


The best marketing for small business.

Looking for ways to market your cannabis business? WeedLifestyles marketing tools make it easy to stand out while you get the word out. Spark your next email marketing idea with one of our customizable email templates. Our drag-and-drop email editor makes great-looking email campaigns just a few clicks away. When you’re ready to hit send, rest assured you’ll be able to track your results in real time with our robust reporting tools.


Your next customer is on WeedLifestyles. Make the connection.

Then keep the conversation going with sponsored ads and email marketing that engages prospects at the moment they connect with your business, and post regularly to WeedLifestyles to stay engaged with your audience, all from you WeedLifestyles dashboard to save your time. Use WeedLifestyles to connect with quality prospects where they go every day. Target people with similar traits, interests, and demographics as your best customers—making them more likely to convert.


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