Indica-Dominant Hybrid


Mixture : 70% Indica /30% Sativa Indica-Dominant Hybrid
CBD: 10
A-10 Is A Very Powerful Medical Marijuana Strain That Has Extremely High CBD Levels. It Is A Strong Indica Dominant Strain That Has An Afghani Lineage. The Strain Has Bright Green Colored Buds With Deep Orange Colored Hairs. It Produces A Strong Yet Calming Effect On Your Body That Instantly Calms You Down And Makes You Feel Peaceful. It Also Makes You Feel Very Drowsy. In Addition To That, Its High Can Also Be Described As Creative And Energized. A-10 Has A Strong And Fruity Aroma That Is Very Pleasant. It Has A Very Smooth Smoke That Has A Lovely Fruity And Sweet Taste With An Undertone Of Hash-y And Earthy Flavors. This Strain Is Best Used For Treating Several Kinds Of Chronic Pain And Provides Instant Relief From Terrible Backaches And Arthritis Pains. It Is Also A Good Antidote For The Medical Patients Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression As It Calms Down Their Stressed Nerves And Mitigates The Symptoms Of Their Stress. Smoking A-10 Can Also Help You Get Rid Of Insomnia And Terrible Migraines. It Is Safe To Smoke, But Tends To Make Your Eyes And Mouth Quite Dry.

Effects of this strain includes:
  1. Relaxing
Medical Relief of this strain includes:
  1. Chronic Pain
  2. Depression
  3. Insomnia
  4. Nausea
  5. Stress
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Aromas of this strain includes:
  1. Fruity

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