Indica-Dominant Hybrid

A+ Wonder

Mixture : 80% Indica /20% Sativa Indica-Dominant Hybrid
THC: 14%-18%
A+ Wonder Is An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) Created Through Crossing The Classic William's Wonder X Afghani #1 IBL Strains. Best Known For Its Super Calming And Tranquil High, A+ Wonder Is Perfect For The Patient Who Wants To Reflect On Their Day In A Perfectly Happy State Before Finally Falling Asleep. It Starts With A Relaxing Cerebral Lift, Filling Your Mind With A Lightly Buzzing Sense Of Uplifted Euphoria That Adds A Touch Of Creativity To Your Mental State, Too. This Sense Of Relaxation Will Soon Spread Its Warming Tendrils Throughout The Rest Of Your Body, Lulling You Into A Peaceful State Of Deep Relaxation And Ease That Quickly Turns Sedative And Sleepy. Thanks To These Long-lasting Effects And Its Moderately High 14-18% Average THC Level, A+ Wonder Is Often Chosen To Treat Conditions Such As Chronic Pain, Mood Swings Or Depression, Insomnia And Muscle Spasms Or Cramps. This Bud Has A Sour Yet Sweet Fruity Citrus Flavor With A Slightly Earthy Exhale. The Aroma Takes The Flavor And Adds A Pungent Twist, With A Spicy Herbal Overtone. A+ Wonder Buds Have Fluffy Popcorn-shaped Dark Olive Green Nugs With Purple Undertones, Thin Orange Hairs And A Thick Frosty Coating Of Bright White Crystal Trichomes Dripping With Sweet Sticky Resin.

Effects of this strain includes:
  1. Body High
  2. Calming
  3. Cerebral
  4. Relaxing
  5. Sleepy
  6. Uplifting
Medical Relief of this strain includes:
  1. Chronic Pain
  2. Cramps
  3. Insomnia
  4. Mood Swings
  5. Muscle Spasms
Flavors of this strain includes:
  1. Citrus
  2. Fruity
  3. Herbal
  4. Sour
  5. Sweet
Aromas of this strain includes:
  1. Citrus
  2. Earthy
  3. Herbal
  4. Pungent
  5. Sour
  6. Spicy

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