Multi-pet Bundle for Extra Large Dogs


Bundle & Save 15% on the perfect multi-pet bundle for extra large dogs!


Stress Releaf Edibites for Dogs – Family Size, Peanut Butter & Ultra Releaf 600mg Liposomes CBD Oil

  • More pets = more expenses! Save money by bundling Ultra Releaf and Edibites
  • 14x better absorption than non-liposomal oils makes Ultra Releaf longer-lasting for multi-pet families
  • Liposomal technology in Ultra Releaf allows you to administer during or after mealtime
  • Edibites + Ultra Releaf together = a less hectic household on a budget
  • What’s the best way to use both together? Every dog is different! Try Edibites in the morning and Ultra Releaf at night or use Edibites regularly and add Ultra Releaf when you need extra support
  • Are your pets different sizes? No worries – choose the bundle based on the size of your largest pet and adjust the amount you give your smallest pet based on the product labels.
  • 50 chews per Edibites bag and 600mg CBD per Ultra Releaf bottle

Having a full house is rewarding but overwhelming! If you have more than one pet, it can feel difficult to make sure they each get fed, get their supplements, and are happy and healthy – especially on a budget!

We’ve made it easier to give CBD to all of your pets with our multi-pet bundles. By pairing Ultra Releaf and Edibites, you can make Pet Releaf stretch a little further so your pets can all be happy and healthy without breaking the bank.

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