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Posted on: September 07, 2022
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How To Make Cannabis Tea

The change in seasons often requires some extra coping with the blues, and cannabis can be a significant mood changer. Eating edibles adds a lot of sugar and fat to your diet, but drinking your weed can be a wonderful herbal remedy to help you relieve stress…at any time in your life, but particularly now as we move into the transformation in seasons. You get your full delicious cocktail of cannabinoids from a gram of flower and twenty minutes to steep the tea. A very pleasant alternative to smoking while you give your lungs a much-needed rest.

What is Cannabis Tea?

The short answer is measure 2 cups of water, add 1 gram of cannabis flower and steep the cannabis-infused “tea” for about 15 minutes. Using a tea strainer or cheesecloth (very fine to avoid getting leaves in your beverage, strain, and serve hot with a teaspoon of sugar. Add lemon, honey, or creamer as desired to enhance the taste. You can store for as long as 5 days in the refrigerator. Rewarm and enjoy. (What is Marijuana)

Folks who like cannabis edibles will find cannabis-infused tea a similar alternative as it eliminates some of the negative features we endure from smoking. Cannabis tea eliminates the harsh symptoms that often accompanies smoking or vaping., and unlike edibles, it is faster and easier to prepare at home. You can make it in a number of ways and use different ingredients and different parts of the cannabis plant. This all depends on your personal preferences and tastes.

You can infuse water with cannabis flower and steep it, add cannabis-infused coconut oil or butter to your regular tea or add a cannabis tincture to your tea. Depending on how you prepare it, cannabis tea can make you high as well as help you cope with stress and anxiety. In addition, you should be aware that cannabis tea may take longer to metabolize than smoking or vaping – it may take as long to “feel it” as your typical edible. But when you consider it, that’s what you are looking for. A calming effect while enjoying a cup of tea.

Benefits of Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea can benefit chronic illnesses. Medical marijuana is expanding in reputation as an alternative medicine to help with many symptoms associated with chronic illnesses. Many people are interested in how marijuana can help reduce some of their symptoms, but they are against smoking cannabis for all of the reasons that healthcare providers tell us not to smoke. Since there are many ways to administer medical marijuana without smoking it, edibles and liquids infused with cannabis have become very popular.

Cannabis-infused teas and other cannabis products have been shown to relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, promote digestive health by enhancing intestinal processes, and improve mood swings. According to some users, cannabis tea has helped lessen some of the symptoms they suffer with either dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Many Parkinson’s disease patients have shown beneficial results with the use of cannabis.

Cannabis Tea For Sleep

Many adults who have insomnia and sleep disorders have turned to a cup of cannabis-infused tea for a good night’s sleep. The relief of insomnia, pain, and anxiety are the primary reasons that older adults say they use marijuana. Prior to going to bed, drinking a cup of cannabis-infused tea may be just what the doctor ordered. In states where cannabis is legal, many alternative cannabis tea drinks are available on dispensary shelves. Otherwise, you may certainly steep your own.

Cannabis tea may take between an hour or two to “kick in” and you may feel the effects for 7-8 hours. Do not be in a hurry to drink a second cup. According to an herbalist, cannabis-infused tea is one of the most well-liked and accepted forms of ingesting herbal medicine in cultures around the world. Who knew?

Cannabis Tea With Stems

If you’ve been collecting some of your home-grown marijuana but don’t really want to smoke it because it is not up to your expectations and standards, you may want to use up the stems, old leaves, and buds and any other plant matter you have lying around…and make cannabis tea of it.

You should be aware that although stems do contain a little THC, they are not as potent as flower. Where you might use one gram of flower with two cups of water, you might need about one-half a cup of stems. The steeping process may also take longer, but you can make an effective cup of cannabis-infused tea from stems. Dice or lightly grind your cannabis using all the seeds and stems. You might even try mixing a little flower and stems together.

Preparing a pitcher of cannabis stem tea is a great way to use all the residues and wastes that are left over after picking your marijuana buds apart.

Cannabis tea recipe

Here’s a good starting recipe.

  • Begin with one gram of cannabis flower or one-half cup of chopped stems. Perhaps concoct your own mixture of both…that works well too.
  • Add a tablespoon of coconut oil or unsalted butter to two cups hot water.
  • You might put in a teabag of your favorite tea. Chai or chamomile tea are very popular.
  • Now some sweetener, lemon, or anything else you enjoy with your tea.
  • Steep for 15-30 minutes…stems take longer to steep than flowers.
  • Strain using a coffee filter, tea filter, or cheesecloth.
  • Pour into a mug and enjoy. You may reheat in the microwave.

Cannabis-infused tea can make all the difference in changing your mood, relieving pain and stress, and helping you get a good night’s sleep. Try it!


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